I don't feel 50

Age UK prevented change
& think we've forgotten

Following the Government’s announcement to scrap the Default Retirement Age. I was surprised to read the following on Age UK’s website.

"Age UK has led the campaign to abolish the Default Retirement Age. Today’s welcome announcement marks a victory in our fight against age discrimination in the workplace."

Although Age Concern in recent years mounted a high court challenge against the Default Retirement they seem to have forgotten their own ageist employment practices The Guardian. They have also forgotten to acknowledge people such as Patrick Grattan who set up TAEN to fight age discrimination in the workplace. There is a possibility that TAEN wouldn't have been neccessary if Age Concern had been as concerned and as vigorous against age discrimination as it now says.


In 1995 Dick Taverne wrote a report The Pension Time Bomb in Europe and said “ there will be a crisis if we do not act now. This issue cannot be left on the political shelf for ten years’.


The coalition government has within its first 100 days of office announced it is hastening the date for the raising of the retirement age and the end of the Default Retirement Age. Just scrapping the Default Retirement Age at a stroke will not help all those who want to work longer. It is far more complex, being able to work to 65 and beyond is a lottery based around your health, wealth and the type of work you are doing.


We also need organisations to set an example. For instance I cannot ever recall meeting anyone employed by Age Concern England (now Age UK) aged over 65 or 70, unlike other charities whose staff seem to reflect their organizations purpose.

                                                     IDF50 was a founder member of TAEN